• Store your favourite stops 9min
  • NYC Bus Checker
  • Live bus arrivals 2min
  • Comprehensive route maps 3min
  • 15,000 NYC Bus Stops 6min
  • Real-time map of nearest stops 7min
  • Wakes you up at your stop 2min
  • Diversions/cancellations info 5min
  • Live CitiBike(TM) Dock Info 6min
  • iOS and Android versions 1min

NYC Bus Checker™ is the free app that gives you Live Bus Countdowns for New York City on your mobile or smartwatch - and much more.

Standing at any of NYC's 15,000+ bus stops, you'll get real-time arrival information for each bus, live from GPS receivers in each vehicle. You need literally never wait for a bus again!

That's not all - you get route maps, live CitiBike™ dock info, disruptions, travel tips and much, much more - all for free! NYC Bus Checker will even wake you up when you get to your bus stop. On top of which, it's an officially licensed app from the MTA, so you know you're in good hands.

Download Bus Checker™ today for iPhone and Android devices.

Bus information provided by MTA and used with permission. NYC Bus Checker is an MTA Officially Licensed App. CitiBike Dock info available in iOS version.
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